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Angel Investing 101: What is angel investing?

There is a wide range of assets you could invest in today, a few include: Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Stocks and shares in publicly listed companies like Apple Real estate like a house you purchase to rent on Airbnb Classic cars like a vintage Aston Martin Prestige watches that hold their value such as a Rolex…


Press Release: Angel Investing School’s Andy Ayim MBE, named on Real Deals Future 40 Diversity and Inclusion Leaders list

“We are delighted to announce that Ayim made this year’s list for being wholly dedicated to improving diversity and inclusion in the investment industry.  Unsettled by the inequalities that exist around funding that is given to black, female entrepreneurs, Ayim made it his mission to “democratise access to knowledge, networks and capital for diverse founders…


What can you do to help businesses stay resilient throughout Coronavirus?

Last month, I visited my hairdresser in Peckham Rye, where I spend over an hour getting my hair twisted into locks. With the current advice to minimise contact in public spaces, it is unlikely I can get my hair done for at least the next 4-6 weeks. The strain on me personally is minor, but…


The Angel Investing School Manifesto

Yesterday, a friend of mine shared with me the great news that he was planning on starting a family and asked: “What is the one skill that you would love to teach your daughter as she grows up?” Almost immediately I answered,“The ability to make smart decisions on a consistent basis when I am not…


Can I start angel investing with just £5K?

The origins of angel investing is broadly believed to have been an investment by Arthur Rock in 1957 into the Fairchild Semiconductor in Silicon Valley, California . At the time, Arthur was based in New York before moving out to Silicon Valley and eventually went on to form the venture capital firm Davis & Rock.…