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NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: AIS is launching Open Angel on 15.05.2024

What is the Angel Investing School (AIS)? AIS started with a candid discussion about wealth and equity dynamics and has evolved into a powerful movement aimed at helping expert professionals and entrepreneurs create wealth through investing in startups with as little as £1000 at a time.  Fast forward a few years later, we’ve taken over…

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How to develop an investment thesis in 3 easy steps as a beginner angel investor

Introduction Starting your angel investing journey can be both exciting and daunting as a beginner. As an angel investor, there are so many things you need to consider before making your first investment. It can get overwhelming without the right guidance and information. However, if you break it down step by step, angel investing can…


Who is eligible to angel invest in the UK from January 2024?

From January 31st 2024, the United Kingdom has revised the criteria which determine whether you can certify as an angel investor, also called ‘high net worth individual.’ Under the updated policy, individuals seeking such designation must demonstrate an annual income of at least £170,000 in the preceding financial year or possess net assets amounting to…

How much ownership should angel investors get when investing in a startup?

How much ownership should angel investors get when investing in a startup?

One of the key things to be familiar with as angel investor is the concept of ownership. In simple terms, it means, that angel investors invest their money and in return, they receive a stake in the company, which is also called equity. The percentage of equity that angel investors receive when investing in a…

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How do angel investors support founders after they have invested?

One of the surprising facts you might find when speaking to the members of the AIS community is that their motivation to become angel investors extends beyond making financial returns. Some angel investors enjoy engaging with their founders and providing business advice whilst others love angel investing because they get to work on some of…


15 Questions Founders need to ask Angel Investors before taking money from an Investor

Whilst angel investors spend a lot of time conducting due diligence on potential investments, founders should be equally as critical when considering accepting money from an investor. Many compare angel investors and founders striking a deal to entering a marriage, which will last years and has its ups and downs. Whilst we have discussed frequently…