The AIS Manifesto

Our mission is to train the next generation of angel

investors with the confidence, community and skills to

get started with investing in startups.

The community shares a common collective joy in serving entrepreneurs.

The AIS Mindset

The AIS Mindset is centred around two core principles: value creation and purposeful investing. We believe that to attain generational wealth in this day and age, you either need to become a value creator and/or invest in those who create value. We embody this mindset by creating a community of purpose-driven investors and entrepreneurs who drive change through their actions.

It Takes a Village

Belonging is at the heart of our community. Our goal is to create a place where you feel truly accepted and can express yourself authentically. We value every member and emphasise mutual respect, creating an environment where you can thrive. We understand that when we uplift each other, we all become better, embracing the spirit of Ubuntu “I am because of you”—a Zulu philosophy of shared beliefs and collaboration. 

Playing the Long Game

We embrace the philosophy of playing the long game. We understand that wealth accumulation takes time and patience, measuring success in decades rather than days. Building wealth is akin to constructing Rome, not an overnight endeavour. We believe in nurturing long-term relationships and focusing on the direction of growth rather than speed. Like a game of inches, every step counts on the path to financial prosperity.

Value Beyond Capital

We believe in investing more than just money. but also adding value to founders beyond the capital. Our core belief centres around the notion that each individual possesses a unique gift to humanity, which extends beyond the realms of traditional investments. Being helpful and supportive during difficult times is what sets us apart as investors, leaving a lasting impact on both startups and society.

Inclusivity & Accessibility

Our team recognises the barriers faced by those embarking on their angel investing journey, particularly in understanding the industry's jargon and terminology. We take pride in our simple and easy-to-understand language, making our educational experiences inclusive and accessible to all. We strive to empower individuals from all backgrounds, breaking down the barriers to entry and creating an inclusive space for learning.

Setting The Standard

Our commitment to innovation, excellence, and pioneering change drives us to continuously seek new ways to improve and adapt. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality, prioritise trust, and inspire growth within our community. We don't just follow trends; we lead with unwavering dedication to creating positive change and empowering individuals to always strive to achieve their best.

Our Big Dream

Investing in startups has historically created immense wealth for a select few who had access to the right information and tools, leaving behind a significant equity wealth gap. Our dream is to bridge this gap by empowering YOU with tools and knowledge to build wealth for yourself and future generations to come.

At Angel Investing School (AIS), we imagine a future where individuals like you can make smart decisions with your money whilst making an impact too.

How It Started

Our journey began as a candid discussion about wealth and equity dynamics, and it has evolved into a powerful movement aimed at helping experts, professionals, and entrepreneurs create wealth through investing in startups with as little as £1,000 at a time. 

Over the last few years, we’ve taken over 500 individuals, living across 54 countries and from all walks of life on a transformative journey. Helping them create meaningful connections and gain the knowledge they need to thrive in the startup ecosystem. Collectively, we have invested over £5M in startups.

We believe that we are not just educators; but your lifelong partners in progress, committed to supporting you at every stage of your Angel Investing journey. So whether you are retired, an experienced professional, or a successful founder, we have crafted an all-encompassing experience, from our membership, and courses, to our vibrant community, tailored to help you grow in confidence and knowledge to make your next investment wisely.

Meet the Team

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Andy Ayim MBE

Founder & CEO
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Ashley Agwuncha

Creative Director

Anika Henry

Sales & Partnerships Lead

Cien Solon

Product Lead
Kathi  Wodenitscharow

Kathi Wodenitscharow

Content Lead