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Hand flipping of 2023 to 2024 on wooden block cube for preparation new year change and start new business target strategy concept.

The Angel Investing School 2024 Self-Reflection Guide

Now that the Christmas season has passed, it is time to get ready and prepare for the year 2024. At the Angel Investing School, we are already brainstorming new content and working on delivering even better events and lectures. However, as much as it is important to look forward and plan for the year ahead,…


The Angel Investing School Beginner Guide to Term Sheets

You may be wondering, what is a term sheet? How does it work? Do I need a lawyer in order to understand it? Don’t panic, we are going to introduce you in this article to the basics of what a term sheet is and how it works. When investing in a founder, it is essential…

Contract Signing. Female Customer Sign Papers In Dealership Office, Unrecognizable African American Woman Client Buying New Car Or Purchasing Property, Closeup Shot, Cropped Image With Free Space

Understanding Advanced Subscription Agreements (ASAs) for Beginner Angel Investors in the UK

Investing in startups can be exciting but risky at times when not equipped with the right knowledge and skill set. To de-risk the possibility of losing your money when angel investing, it is crucial to be familiar with the financial instruments involved when investing. Traditionally angel investors invest in a startup and receive equity in…


Understanding SEIS/EIS for Angel Investors in the UK: A Comprehensive Guide

In the UK there are a number of schemes and initiatives to incentivise angel investors to invest their capital into startups. One of these schemes is the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). These government-backed initiatives offer attractive tax incentives to investors, encouraging them to provide vital funding to startups and…


Avoiding Angel Investing Pitfalls: 5 Lessons from a Failed Investment

Angel investing can be an exciting journey, but it’s not without its pitfalls. Recently, I made an angel investment in a direct-to-consumer wine subscription startup. Unfortunately, just one week later, I received an email announcing the company’s impending closure if they couldn’t secure additional funding. This company has now failed and the founders have not…


Understanding Funding Options for Startups: Angel Investment, Venture Capital, Accelerators, and Debt

Starting a business is an exciting journey filled with potential and promise. However, one of the most critical aspects of launching and scaling your startup is securing the necessary funding. There are various avenues for raising capital as a founder, each with its unique benefits and challenges. In this article, we will explore the differences…