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Angel Investing Made Easy: Your 6-Step Guide to Spreading Your Wings

In the past, we have shared a number of technical blogs to equip our community members with the right skills when they become angel investors. Despite all the content we have produced we also like to bring it back to the basics so that we don’t miss anything important for our members. So in this…


What are valuations? A simple and mathematical explanation

I am sure you must have heard other investors say “What is this company’s valuation” or you have seen TechCrunch publish an article about how “start-up Y has achieved unicorn status and is now valued at £1 Billion.”  The word valuation is consistently used in combination with how much the founder is raising and how…


How do angel investors make money?

We pride ourselves in teaching newbie angel investors how to invest, develop their thesis and conduct proper due diligence. here is one key question that we keep getting from our members;  ‘How do angel investors actually make their money?’  Our founder Andy Ayim MBE explains in this video how angel investors make money. So let’s…


5 tangible ways you can add value as a small ticket investor

When you think of an angel investor who comes to mind? Maybe an executive who worked 20 years in an investment bank and now has £100,000s to invest or an eccentric billionaire who sold his Crypto startup for millions and is now advising the next big startup in Artificial Intelligence? We all have different pictures…

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Let’s talk about Angel Investing and Exits: How to think about Exits by Founder and Angel Investor Joe Kinvi

When thinking about exits, it can be quite an overwhelming topic to get your head around.  When is the right time to exit? How will dilution impact my investment over time? How do I even exit from an investment? All these questions seem daunting at first but luckily they don’t have to be! Joe Kinvi,…


Lessons from Uber on how to build a startup with defensibility (a moat)?

In the competitive world of ride-hailing, Uber emerged as a trailblazing startup. But how did the Uber team make Uber what it is today? What stopped other competitors from replicating their business model? How did they win globally against the existing taxi market and local startup competitors such as Lyft? One word: moat. What is…