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The Live Course

The Live Course offers a cohort-based course that takes you from knowing nothing about angel investing to feeling confident and knowledgeable enough to support and invest in early-stage startups.

Benefits include:

  • Developing an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Understanding risk and opportunities from an investor perspective
  • Learning about the latest innovations
  • How you could design an open innovation process and entrepreneurial culture
  • Directly learn from and work with startups inspiring new ideas

Past Leaders We Have Trained

Course Outline

Module 1

Welcome & Course Overview

Before diving into the theory and practice of angel investing, we provide a course overview and an opportunity for you to get to know your fellow peers.

Module 2

Developing Your Thesis

Develop your personal investment style and learn how to refine your focus on specific deals, through filters such as geography, sector and investment size.

Module 3

Sourcing & Screening Pitch Decks Quickly

Learn our signature two-step methodology to quickly decide whether or not to register interest and speak to founders about potentially investing in their startup.

Module 4

The Legal Anatomy of a Deal

Understand the common legal documents and important key terms needed to successfully invest in startups.

Module 5

Building A Personal Brand

Founders often refer you to other founders when you are helpful and add value. Learn the secrets to shaping your personal brand to signal these traits and attract great startups who are fundraising.


Ready to invest

Be confident and knowledgeable enough to write your first angel investment alongside our community.


✔️  Join our community and make lifelong friends on your journey

✔️   No prior knowledge or experienced needed, come as you are

✔️  Start where you are by investing small amounts you can afford

✔️  Learn about yourself, your risk appetite and how you make decisions

✔️  Learn how to find startups and assess them quickly and confidently

✔️  Uncover how to use your lived experience to add value to startups

Here is an example Cohort-based Class Schedule

Below is an illustrative example based on a previous course we delivered at January 2024.

​​Classes run online for 5 weeks via Zoom and are usually held every Wednesday.

from 18:30 GMT – 20:00 GMT with additional support provided via

our Slack community and a personalised Notion Angel Workbook.

Key dates for the next cohort:

  1. Welcome & Course Overview - 17th January 2024
  2. Developing Your Thesis - 24th January 2024
  3. Sourcing & Screening Pitch Decks - 31st January 2024
  4. The Legal Anatomy of a Deal - 7th February 2024
  5. Building a Brand Through Adding Value - 13th February 2024 (only class on a Tuesday)

We also have pre-recorded masterclasses on Transaction Economics and Tax Relief which you will have lifetime access to in your Notion Angel Workbook.

1 Welcome & Course Overview January 17th 2024
2 Developing Your Thesis January 24th 2024
3 Sourcing & Screening Pitch Decks January 31st 2024
4 The Legal Anatomy of a Deal February 7th 2024
5 Building a Brand Through Adding Value February 13th 2024
Bonus Tax-Relief in the UK (What is SEIS/ EIS and how does it work) Pre-recorded (available on demand)
Bonus Dilution, Returns Expectations and Cap Tables Pre-recorded (available on demand)

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Invaluable knowledge, resources and network.

Oblie Botchway, Investment Taxes Manager
Julie Fedele

Investing’ language demystified and a laser-focused investment thesis.

Julie Fedele, CMO

AIS delivers on its promise to level the playing field in angel investing.

Conrad Ho, Entrepreneur