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Your AIS due diligence cheatsheet for evaluating early-stage startups

Angel investing can be a rewarding way to support innovative startups while potentially reaping substantial financial rewards. However, investing in early-stage companies comes with its own set of risks. To help you make informed investment decisions, it’s essential to perform due diligence and ask the right questions. In this article, the AIS team will provide…

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How to become a certified angel investor in the UK

You have done all your prep work and due diligence, found a startup you like and you are ready to invest so what happens now? Is it as easy as just sending the startup your money and you are done? Before officially becoming an angel investor and being ready to invest you have to make…


Where to find startups that need angel investment?

One of the most common questions we get at the Angel Investing School is: “Where can I find great entrepreneurs to invest in?” Generating qualitative deal flow as a beginner angel investor in the UK can be daunting at first but building qualitative deal flow is the most important component if you want to become…


Angel Investing Made Easy: Your 6-Step Guide to Spreading Your Wings

In the past, we have shared a number of technical blogs to equip our community members with the right skills when they become angel investors. Despite all the content we have produced we also like to bring it back to the basics so that we don’t miss anything important for our members. So in this…


What are valuations? A simple and mathematical explanation

I am sure you must have heard other investors say “What is this company’s valuation” or you have seen TechCrunch publish an article about how “start-up Y has achieved unicorn status and is now valued at £1 Billion.”  The word valuation is consistently used in combination with how much the founder is raising and how…


How do angel investors make money?

We pride ourselves in teaching newbie angel investors how to invest, develop their thesis and conduct proper due diligence. here is one key question that we keep getting from our members;  ‘How do angel investors actually make their money?’  Our founder Andy Ayim MBE explains in this video how angel investors make money. So let’s…