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Market size in angel investing: What is it, why it matters and how to calculate it?

In 2009, angel investor Peter Thiel made a notable investment in a relatively unknown startup, which is now known as Facebook. Peter Thiel is one of Facebook’s, SpaceX’s, Airbnb’s and LinkedIn’s first investors, the Co-Founder of PayPal and Chairman of Palantir.   When Facebook first launched, it was primarily focused on connecting college students and it…


Rohan Inneh’s Member Story

This guest blog has been written by Rohan Inneh. Here’s how AIS helped me leave my corporate consulting job to launch my own consulting & fractional COO offering. Chapter 1 – What is in your hands Joining AIS opened my eyes to the dynamic world of start-ups and scale-ups, and I instantly fell in love…


How do Pre-Seed Option Pools work?

In 2015, I moved from San Francisco to London and joined a Fintech startup, WordlFirst. They eventually got acquired by Ant Financial for $700m and despite being hired as the first Product Manager, I had no equity and didn’t benefit from the upside of the exit. It taught me a lesson about remuneration at high-growth…


What is dilution?

What it means, its impact on your portfolio and an example of how it works! At the start of the year, we learned about how JP Morgan acquired a startup called Frank for $175m, to learn that due diligence wasn’t carried out properly and are now clearing out a messy public legal battle. Angel investing…


How do angel investors make money? A real life example after having invested in Citymapper!

This is one of the most common questions we receive at the Angel Investing School; How do angel investors make money? Before jumping into how angel investors make money, we have to remember one thing: angel investing in startups can be risky. The likelihood of a startup being successful is 10% and therefore never forget…

"WHY" printed on three white wooden dice over head view on marble

Why should you become an angel investor? Hear from the AIS community!

A few weeks ago we published an article on What is Angel Investing? However, before becoming an angel investor it is not only essential to know what an angel investor is but WHY you want to angel invest. This is why we reached out to the AIS community and asked them why they invest. Here…