Press Release: Angel Investing School’s Andy Ayim MBE, named on Real Deals Future 40 Diversity and Inclusion Leaders list

“We are delighted to announce that Ayim made this year’s list for being wholly dedicated to improving diversity and inclusion in the investment industry.  Unsettled by the inequalities that exist around funding that is given to black, female entrepreneurs, Ayim made it his mission to “democratise access to knowledge, networks and capital for diverse founders and investors”. Today, he runs The Angel Investing School which trains professionals from all backgrounds on investing in the next generation of diverse founders. Prior to this, Ayim was managing director of Backstage Capital, where the firm invested in 25 underrepresented founders. In 2017, Ayim published an open letter to leaders trying to improve diversity, with actionable steps for the industry. He started to consider privilege and oppression in 2015 when he was working in Silicon Valley and blogging about relatable role models he identified with such as entrepreneur Tristan Walker of Walker & Co and Nas from Queensbridge Venture Partners.

Today, his writing activity has grown exponentially with his weekly newsletter covering minorities in tech (now at issue 222!) he’s become a fulcrum for this cause.  It is this continued dedication that won him an MBE for his contribution to D&I in tech this year.” The Real Deals Future 40 Diversity and Inclusion Leaders list, in association with Private Equity Recruitment (PER), showcases key individuals in the asset class who have made or are making a notable impact on improving diversity and inclusion practices across their firm and the wider industry. 

In light of recent events across the globe and continued efforts to make the industry a more diverse and socially conscious industry, it’s certainly a very apt time to shine a light on this extremely important topic. This years’ list not only highlights key dealmakers, but also those working behind the scenes at private equity and venture capital firms to make a true difference to how we engage with gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality and disabilities and wider D&I policies.

Real Deals editor Talya Misiri said: “Private equity invests in all types of businesses across many different countries and societies, and yet, the people who invest, mainly share a similar race, sex or socio-economic background. Luckily, there is an increasing minority that are actively trying to change this. 

“In this years’ list, we celebrate those who are breaking down these pre-existing barriers. Those who are opening the doors of the asset class to all, to make it an industry where people from all walks of life are accepted, welcomed and have the opportunity to succeed.”

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