NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: AIS is launching Open Angel on 15.05.2024

What is the Angel Investing School (AIS)?

AIS started with a candid discussion about wealth and equity dynamics and has evolved into a powerful movement aimed at helping expert professionals and entrepreneurs create wealth through investing in startups with as little as £1000 at a time. 

Fast forward a few years later, we’ve taken over 600 individuals living across 54 countries, from all walks of life, on a transformative journey, helping them create meaningful connections and gain the knowledge they need to thrive in the startup ecosystem. Collectively, we’ve invested over £5 million in startups.

What is Open Angel and why are we launching it?

Open Angel is an open-source platform, which can be accessed by anyone, who wants to learn how to become an angel investor. The platform will be full of tips and tricks, content and resources, which will be shared by experienced angel investors as well as founders. 

Andy Ayim, Founder and CEO of AIS:

“The reason we started this platform is that for the past three years, we’ve created an effective curriculum of content that has activated hundreds of new angels. Now we want to share the best of what we have learned with 10x more operators and founders alike to scale our impact. This platform enables us to do so because now it’s going to allow us to share bitesize video courses, tools, resources and ecosystem partners to you all. No email gating, fees or hassle. Open and accessible for all to benefit from.”

Who is Open Angel for?

It’s very simple. Open Angel is for anyone who wants to learn about angel investing.

Andy Ayim, Founder, and CEO of AIS:

“Whether you’re an experienced professional or want to learn how to use your expertise in new and interesting ways or whether you want to learn more about the tax benefits of investing in early-stage startups, this platform will have all laid out really simple to understand. You’ll have access to many tools and tips, resources, and as soon as you complete the course you will have access to a syndicate, where you can put your knowledge to practice.”

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