Develop the mindset needed for successfully investing into tech startups, even from as little as £1,000. 

There is a long tail of people interested in startups but don’t consider investing in startups because they think they can’t afford to. Andy Ayim MBE (founder of Angel Investing School) is dispelling myths and shows you what’s possible through original content and real-life examples in this highly anticipated angel investing course.

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Angel Investing Course Outline

Here's an overview of what 'Small Tickets, Big Dreams' covers

First Steps

Learn about the small tickets big dreams philosophy, how to invest on a budget and why Angels are driving the new economy.

Introduction to Angel Investing

Get your introduction to Angel Investing, understand the landscape and your fundraising options.

Andy's Angel Investing Journey

Andy shares his successes, failures and walks you through a real-life case study on his investment in Subly.

Building an 'Adaptive Mindset'

From reflecting on your limiting beliefs to learning how to build a good reputation. This module goes deeper into the mindset needed to be a successful  Angel Investor.

Lessons On Startups

Learn the 'ins and outs' of how startups work from an operator investor's perspective. We cover everything from startup metrics to organisational design.

Deciding What To Invest In

The final module walks you through how to create an investment thesis, find great entrepreneurs, tax relief and more.


Andy Ayim MBE

Meet course creator and facilitator

Andy Ayim MBE is the creator of Angel Investing School, Head of Product Management at Zilch and a 2021 Atomico Angel Investor. On a mission to democratise access to investing to people from all backgrounds, he was awarded an MBE in 2020 by the Queen for his services to ‘Diversity in the Technology Industry.’


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    6 modules. 38 lessons.

    Here's exactly what you can expect from our course.

    First steps
    • Small tickets, big dreams
    • Investing on a budget
    • Angels driving the new economy
    Introduction to Angel Investing
    • What is angel investing?
    • What is a company vs a startup?
    • Motivations for becoming an “angel”
    • Angel investing is risky business
    • Angel investing landscape
    • Fundraising options
    Andy’s angel investing journey
    • Decision making
    • 2021 investment journey
    • Investment walkthrough - Subtly
    • Why tech startups?
    • Succeed where Andy has failed!
    • 8 quotes to live (and die) by as angel investors
    Building an adaptive mindset
    • Limiting beliefs
    • Reflections
    • Investing in technology
    • Founder friendly vibes
    • Reputation matters
    Lessons on startups
    • Pay attention
    • First impressions matter
    • Escaping competition
    • Timing
    • Startup metrics
    • Organisation design
    • Digital product teams
    • Net present value of pain (NPVP)
    • Ego, cost & bias
    • Entrepreneurial employees
    Deciding what to invest in
    • Investment thesis
    • Different types of thesis
    • Knowing your circle of competence
    • Creating your thesis
    • Activating your network
    • How to find great entrepreneurs
    • Bonus: Key terms & tax relief
    • Bonus: What is venture capital and how does it work?