Our transformational 8-week DIY program takes you from knowing nothing about angel investing to shaking off your limiting beliefs and feeling confident, empowered and knowledgable enough to make your first investment alone or with others.


We cover the history of Angel investing giving you an insight into the current Angel investing landscape and its challenges.

Learn the fundamentals of brand building to attract deal flow, how to assess the right deals for you, and how to track dealflow.

Learn how to conduct valuations, the fundamentals of cap tables, dilutions, as well as follow-on funding & return expectations.

Explanation of the EIS & SEIS tax relief programme. Structuring deal, term sheet analysis and shareholder agreement analysis.

Understanding the role of passive, active, and syndicate investing. The importance of Board and Observer roles, and a case study of post-transaction support for a startup.

A hands-on approach to developing your investment style. Get a look into the industries to avoid investing in and how to narrow down your focus on deals you are looking for.

Learn the ins and outs of structuring deals, lead syndicates, and how to use Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV). We walk through the different SPV platforms.

We teach you how to build a brand and leverage 'founder friendliness', which is a critical success factor for angels in the investor community, often leading to high-quality deal flow.


With AIS, you get to learn live, from leading experts in the Angel Investing world, spanning from leaders of Angel Syndicates to General Partners at VCs and startup founders. We have a roster of world-class speakers covering topics ranging from creating an investment thesis through to structuring deals and creating a brand.

Andy AyimFounder, Angel Investing School

Yvonne Bajela,Principal and Founding Member at Impact X

Matt PennycardFounding Partner of Ada Ventures

Sarah TurnerCo-founder & CEO of Angel Academe



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We’re training a new breed of angel investors to change the industry. Angel Investing School is running an 8-week online school to help you get started with angel investing. Our course is facilitated by industry-leading angels, founders, and operators.

Important Info About Classes:

AIS will be starting on the 5th of April 2023.

Classes will be running online for 8 weeks.

Classes will be held every Wednesday from 18:30 GMT – 20:00 GMT.


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