1. Overview of Angel Investing

  • The history of Angel investing
  • An insight into the UK Angel investing ecosystem
  • The current Angel investing landscape & it’s challenges
  • A case study on getting started with investing startups

2. Sourcing & Assessing Deals

  • 10 places you can find startups that need funding
  • The fundamentals of brand building to attract deal-flow
  • Due diligence criteria development for assessing deals that suit you
  • Dealflow tracking via CRM tools

3. Transaction Economics

  • Steps to conducting a valuation
  • The fundamentals of cap tables
  • The fundamentals of dilutions
  • Stepping into follow on funding & return expectations

4. Legal Processes & Tax Relief

  • Explanation of the EIS & SEIS tax relief programme
  • Structuring deals
  • Term sheet analysis
  • Shareholder agreement analysis



5. Adding Value Beyond Capital

  • Understanding the role of passive, active and syndicate investing
  • The importance of Board and Observer roles
  • A case study of post-transaction support for a startup
  • How to create an Investor Update email template

6. Developing Your Thesis

  • A hands-on approach to developing your investment style
  •  A look into the industries to avoid investing in and why
  • How to narrow down your focus on deals you are looking for
  • Understand the differences between VC and Angel Investor thesis